2019 WSB Agenda Book: Planning for Success
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2019 WSB Agenda Book: Planning for Success
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Planning Your Future

"Did you know you can design your own future? Whether it's helping more families, building the business, or just life in general--you can be the architect of your future simply with an agenda book.

With an agenda, you have direction. You have a list of things to review from the moment you wake, a list to accomplish throughout the day, and something to look forward to in the next. With the WSB agenda in particular, we also have helpful charts to monitor, set goals, and even dream our biggest dream. It's a road map for which you just need to follow - and when there's traffic, like navigation software, we just recalculate and move on. I believe that even when set off course beyond our control, through the roughest of seas, we can steer our ship because the agenda becomes the compass.

The point of this - it's by your own pen. Your own design. How your day goes, it's up to you. How your week turns out, it's on you. How your dreams and achievements transpire is also because of you. Your 3-3-30 by this weekend, or your red shirt for Giant CEO can all be planned and acted upon.

Good or poor, how we make use of our time is up to us. How are we going to enter the new year? How are you and the team going to run into the next big event? How fast can we adapt? How fast can we change? And WHEN are you going to use that agenda book, and design your future? Well, you can start by writing it down in your agenda." --JY

**NOTE: This 2019 Agenda Book is NOT included in the Fast Start Kit.
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2019 WSB Agenda Book: Planning for Success

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